Expert Content Deployment
The secret to a successful Website is successful copywriting.

Showing off your professional credentials, listing every single organization to which you belong, and bragging that your product or service is the #1 best in the world. Is that the way to approach a new customer on your Website? Not if you want to earn their business. But unfortunately, that’s the impression many company Websites leave on visitors.

Your Website is your virtual salesperson and a superstar salesperson would make a personal connection with the customer first, not bombard him with hype right off the bat. Website copywriting requires a different approach than other forms of advertising copywriting. Just because certain copy works well for your company brochure doesn’t mean it will work on your Website.

Keyword-rich headlines and site content will help your Website secure top search engine positions. Results driven, benefits oriented, personalized Web site content will compel visitors to stick around, buy, and come back for more!

We offer the following copywriting services for all your on and offline marketing needs:

  • Sales Letters
    A targeted sales letter can boost traffic to your Website. Delivered as a direct mailer or email, a dynamic letter will attract clients.

  • E-zines
    An E-zine establishes expertise and credibility for your business by allowing you to stay in contact with potential clients to let them know about special offers or new services.

  • Press Releases
    Media coverage attracts business. Television and radio stations, newspapers, E-zines, Websites and magazines are searching for interesting article topics... why not contribute an article and become a published expert in your field?

  • Brochures—Brochures remain a popular promotion item and are often used as a follow-up sales technique.

  • Print Ads—Advertising special events, discounts, or promotions draws attention to your targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Business Proposals—Proposals are the determining factor of gaining or losing a client. They represent the quality of services you'll provide. You are an expert at your business and your proposal must communicate that professionalism through the written word

Good website content is all about turning those curious website visitors into feverish customers. Ones that buy, sign-up, click through your affiliate links/ adsense or what ever it is that you want them to do.

Good website content gets those visitors to TAKE ACTION

Getting visitors to your website is one problem... once they're there, getting them to 'take action' is quite another.

Website browsers read and react quite differently to written words presented to them on the screen to those in a brochure or magazine.

Good website content is created by understanding the way humans read off a computer screen. Understand this and you can win them over and achieve your goals...get them to take a desired action!

Visitors Scan - good website content writers know that visitors quickly scan the screen to find key bits of information. They don't read every word.