Phase 4 - Website Deployment

One last approval from you and we are ready to launch your Website. But not until we give your new site the "white glove" test to ensure everything is functioning as planned, every link is linked and every word is spell-checked. After this final step and upon receipt of payment, we will then make the site live on your hosting space for the entire world to see!

Aztech Consulting also provides webhosting services if required.

How does the Search Engine find websites?

There are three ways a search engine can find a website to add to its database.

The first and most direct method is to accept submissions from website designers and optimizers. Most search engines have a "submit your URL" section inviting submissions from Internet users.

The second and least obvious method of finding websites is to send a "spider" to follow each and every link on, off, and through a website. New URLs encountered by the spider will be added to the database. In this way, some search engines will grow very rapidly.

Lastly, if your site has a link from another site the search engine will find your site and likely index your content.