Phase 3 - Website Development

After selecting the chosen prototype (comp), we will code the site and incorporate the content and graphics into the new design. During this process we will create a style guide that will be used throughout the site to ensure the content is delivered in a clean and consistent manner compatible with the most popular browsers.

The site will be temporarily hosted on our servers and available for you to view. Throughout the development process, you are able to see the progress and request any minor changes you might like.

The client will usually develop and provide us with text and images that they want included in the website however content development can also performed by Aztech Consulting during this phase, if you've retained us for these additional services.

Once the content is integrated, the website will be tested to make sure that navigation is intuitive. At this phase the client will evaluate the website as a whole. It is likely that there will be some minor changes at this phase.

What information should I include on my website?

What information do your customers need to know to make an educated purchase decision

What information do potential business partners need to know about your business?

What training and experience have you had as a professional, and how can you convey that in an accessible manner.

What information do you wish your customers knew so that their expectations of your service or products helped them have a positive purchase experience?

How does your product or service differ from those of your competitors?