The importance of an effective homepage

So it is like the first impression they get and as they say the first impression is the last impression whether we find the concept acceptable or not. The importance of an effective homepage can never be stressed upon enough because usually it is the landing page of your website and it is the landing page that always decides where your visitors are going to go from there: explore your website further and transact with you or leave the website immediately to explore other options on the Internet.

Remember that the Internet has limitless possibilities even for the average surfer.With more emphasis being put on the significance of specialized landing pages you may think that your homepage is not as important as it used to be once upon a time but this could prove to be a misconception. The importance of an effective homepage is never going to fade away because no matter from where a person may enter your website there is a great chance that sooner or later he or she is going to end up on your homepage because instinctively, in order to make some decision, everybody heads towards the homepage.Your homepage may not be the most attractive page of your website but it should certainly be very compelling.

But what does compelling mean in this context? Your homepage should not only be nice to look at, it should have all the important information in front of the visitor as soon as the visitor arrives there. Whatever is needed to help him or her makeup his or her mind should be there on your homepage, for instance, the graphics that make the right impact, the text that gives the right information in a very energetic and sincere tone, and the navigation that links to all the important pages on your website.

No wonder when a website is being designed most of the time is spent on designing and organizing the homepage.

Beware of “cheap” websites, which are readily available, because a bad design and poor function will devalue your image and even turn prospective customers away. Also, keep in mind that the real cost of a website relates to its opportunity cost—all the online business it would have potentially gained if the site had been correctly designed, developed and marketed.