Phase 1 - Website Planning

At this phase we will ask you questions to learn about your business and your clients. This is important in how the website will eventually look and function, and what content the site will include.

Clear expectations of the website will be set out at this phase, including how the website will look, the functions that people will be able to perform at the website, the aims of the website and the goals that are desired.

The initial meeting is free.

After the initial meeting we will prepare a site plan, the important elements that are to be included in the site, a mock-up of the website layout and estimates of timeline and cost.

Once we enter into an Agreement (includes deposit on the project), we will proceed with Phase II.

What are the most important elements of a successful website?

Ensure your site is find able by your target audience.

Ensure the graphic design on your website is professional and portrays your company image.

Provide your visitors with interesting content that will assist them to make decisions and make them want to return to your web-site or visit your location.

Ensure your website quickly and accurately conveys the essence of your business, detailing your products or services while conveying your sustainable differences.