Why having a website is crucial to your business success

Your business operations no longer have to remain within the geographical confinements. Social, economic and technological globalization has enabled us to reach customers living in the farthest corners of the world, with just a few mouse clicks. How does this become possible? With the help of the Internet.

According to a recent Morgan-Stanley report based on 2007 figures, there are around 547 million Internet users in Asia, 336 million in Europe, 211 million in North America and 110 million in Latin America, and all in all there are around 143 million active websites on the Internet. In 2006 $3.9 trillion were spent on retail purchases. These figures are growing exponentially as PC and broadband penetration increases like wildfire.

Interestingly there are many people who still doubt the significance of having a business website. "Our customers don't use the Internet," they often claim, oblivious to the fact that a website is not just to facilitate online sales. A website performs multifarious operations right from non-stop promotion, advertising, customer relations and public relations, e-commerce, information dissemination and social media awareness. Some of the primary functions of websites are briefly mentioned below.

Public relations

Leveraging existing, ongoing advertising

Making money



Tracking customer trends

Leveraging the democratic nature

Projecting a favourable image

Expand your market